Wednesday, December 21, 2011

We got our own night at the Orlando BMX track!

Come ride your butts off at the very track we learned to ride BMX!  It is $10 to ride for the night and all of the money goes to the Casselberry Trails.  The money will help us get the permit the city is asking for and help with legal aid.  There will be prizes to be given away, so you don't want to miss out!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Our Online Petition!

One of our main goals is to show the City of Casselberry that a lot of people care about what we have going on. They need to see that their unwillingness to work with us will not go unnoticed. If you believe that the Casselberry Trails should remain and that the City of Casselberry should start working with us towards a more positive solution then please sign our petition. You can do so by clicking the above photo or by clicking this link.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Brief History about the house and jumps.

The Trails are located at: 71 N Winter Park Drive
                                        Casselberry, FL 32707

My family and I (Paul Sarkisian, Mary Sarkisian, and Aaron Sarkisian) moved to the property in 1991. As early as I can remember I have been riding my bike to and from school and to get around town. I got my first BMX bike when I was eight years old. I met Rickey Bates and started racing BMX when I was ten. Soon after we started to meet more BMXers in Casselberry and the surrounding cities. After two or three years of racing we all started to only be into the jumping and tricks side of BMX. We built our own jumps day after day at more than ten different spots in the area. After being kicked out of countless patches of woods all over the central Florida area, my father offered to let us dig in the front yard. This was in the summer of 1998. For 13 years the trails have expanded and grown into what it is today. Every year people from all over the county and world come to ride and hang out at the jumps. The jumps have been in countless main stream videos (The Welcome to pittsburgh series, Transit, The banned series, Shadow - Into the Void, Youtube, Fox News) and magazines (Case, The Albion, Dig, Cover of Ride BMX). A couple of months ago the city gave us citations for bringing in dirt to the property and for having the jumps on our property. We are now working with the city and looking for a solution to keep the jumps. The city has basically said there is no solution and if nothing is done to correct the problem then they will hire a company to come plow the jumps. Right now we are working on finishing the partial survey we have and trying to raise money for the $500 permit fee that the city is requiring. 

You can find the city code violations on the Violations page.

You can donate on the Help Out page.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Thanks for visiting!

This blog was created to give a central location and provide information to everyone who wants to know the status of the Casselberry Trails.

If you feel that you could help out please get in contact with anyone of us ASAP! 

We are looking for legal help, donations for the permit we need, and any more ideas to find a solution for keeping the jumps.

The site is in the works right now.  Check out the other pages!